Sadda Vicky

December 13, 2007

Sadda Vicky… are baba apna Vikram Pandit.

You don’t know him? He just became the CEO of Citi Group, known in Industry circles affectionately as Shiti Group.


Another Indian does the country proud! haha…its funny when the media just jumps in on the achievements of Indians wherever they are. But then, at least he is a real Indian. Born in India, came to the US for his studies, and been blazing his way across the ranks over the past decades.
A real Indian, unlike Bobby who was also the toast of India till a few months back, albeit his giving up his Indian name, Indian religion, Indian accent (Oh well..he was never a FOB; always had that peculiar ABCD accent. Never mind).

Going back to Vicky. He’s famous for becoming MD in record time at Morgan (Stanley). He is also famous for starting his own hedge-fund. Recently he became famous when Shiti bought his fund with the sole intention of getting him to come on board. Of course, now he is their chief executive.

How do you – a common man celebrate promotions? A dinner? A cruise vacation?
How does a wall street CEO celebrate? By plonking down 18 million for a 10 (yes, Ten) bedroom apartment in one of the hottest part of Manhattan.

Vicky might be the first Indian CEO on wall street, but he certainly isn’t the only Indian biggie. Indian people in senior management are not uncommon. Indian MDs (Managing Directors) are a dime a dozen.

Doesn’t the chest just swell with Pride? We are proud of you Vicky.

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6 Responses to “ Sadda Vicky ”

  1. pr3rna on December 14, 2007 at 12:09 am

    ‘Sadda Vicky’ is so cute!!!He is a celebrity no doubt but here in India his father is a bigger celebrity.You can see him on all the channels.After ‘Indira Nooyi’ now ‘Vikram Pundit’.He is much more of an Indian than Bobby.He was born in India and did his schooling in India.His parents are in India.I don’t know how true it is but news reports in Pakistani papers said that ‘Shaukat Aziz’ the ex Pakistani prime minister was a contender for this post.Defeating him is an achievement in itself.

  2. Shefaly on December 14, 2007 at 4:00 am

    AD: “Born in India, came to the US for his masters…”

    Actually you will find he has a Bachelor’s, Master’s and a doctorate all from Columbia University. I do not know what your scale of ‘real Indian’ is but I recall an earlier post on Prerna’s blog criticising why every Indian’s achievement abroad is celebrated in India.

    One of the persons in the list that did not make the grade was Salman Rushdie, whose credentials of ‘Indianness’ are no greater or smaller than Mr Pundit’s. So how come Pundit finds favour with Prerna and Rushdie does not? Ageism? Or just that Rushdie is not “cute”? Or something else?

    Most people of Indian origin, who are succeeding in global business, are succeeding not because they are Indian but because they have transcended ethnicity and nationality imposed limitations, barriers and cultural practices, and have demonstrated extraordinary talent that cannot be overlooked. It also takes a lot of political readiness in their work environments which is now at its peak.

    Many of my b-school classmates from IIM Ahmedabad made MDs in firms such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Booz Allen and McKinsey both in India and abroad. In fact most of them managed this within the first 7-8 years of their professional life.

    However only a few I know are running businesses that have billion pound bottom lines (read that again – it is a seriously big sum to have as bottom line) – and that is what matters to businesses. Profits! And on that, Mr Pundit is yet to face his toughest challenge ever.

    I wonder if he fails, if people will disown him or stop discussing him, a bit like Indian families stop discussing a child who marries outside his/ her caste and goes away because he/ she would not like his/ her family to berate his/ her spouse constantly, pretending he/ she is dead.

  3. pr3rna on December 14, 2007 at 7:43 am

    Shefaly, when I said cute I meant the expression ‘Sadda Vicky’cute.When I say more Indian, I mean more Indian than ‘Bobby Jindal’ and not Salman Rushdie.I specially mentioned schooling and not University while talking about Vikram Pundit.I should have put a smiley when I wrote ‘his father is a bigger celebrity’. Nobody understands my jokes it seems :(
    About Rushdie I admit I am not particularly fond of Rushdie.I found his language offensive at some places in ‘Satanic Verses’I mentioned ‘Sunita Williams’- she hadn’t even visited India and her aunties and uncles were all celebrities because of her achievement.Vikram Pundit doesn’t fall under this category.Amartya Sen left Indian shores long back but still holds an Indian passport,Laxmi Mittal is an Indian by the same logic.
    I don’t know which era you are talking about when you say’//Indian families stop discussing a child who marries outside his/ her caste and goes away because he/ she would not like his/ her family to berate his/ her spouse constantly, pretending he/ she is dead//.In the cities things are changing fast.A few cases in the villages of Haryana, UP and Bihar do not prove that India hasn’t moved forward.

  4. amreekandesi on December 14, 2007 at 9:52 am

    Thanks for pointing out the ‘masters’ error Shefaly. Post duely corrected.

    I would generalize your comment further – most people succeed in today’s global economy not because of their origin, but because of their talent. And this is something that needs to be appreciated. Race is still important to some people, but apparently not enough to stop deserving people from getting their due.

    Prerna – Indeed there are so many instances where India goes overboard claiming their own once some Indian (descent) person achieves something. Not all of them consider themselves Indian though, and we dont(shouldnt?) care about them.

  5. Akshay on September 26, 2009 at 8:49 am

    It’s high time we stopped harping the achievements of every tom,dick and harry with a remotely Indian sounding name just to feel good about ourselves.

    There are a number of heroes here in India whom we can look upto. But the thing is we don’t respect ourselves. And a person who doesn’t respect himself/herself can never respect others. And no one respects such persons :|

    Here is one. He, IMHO, is a true hero. One whom we can really claim as one of our own, and not the Indra Nooyis, Vikram Pandits, Ajay Bhatts, Sunita Williams, Kalpana Chawlas, Arun Sarins, Mohini Bharadwajs,Arun Majumdars,bla bla bla, whose only relation to India is their name.
    Venkat Krishnan

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