Skeletons In India’s Closet?

December 23, 2007

I occasionally come across stories/articles that send shivers down the spine This one shook me to the bones. Literally.

This was about the awful hideous practice of illegal trade of a unique kind – of bones. Of real people. These people steal corpses from graves, and from cremation grounds. They then sell their souls (and the bones of these unsuspecting people) for, of all things, money. Money?!

Not a fair bargain for either party i’d say.

First the corpses were wrapped in netting and anchored in the river, where bacteria and fish reduced a body to a loose pile of bones and mush in a week or so. The crew then scrubbed the bones and boiled them in a cauldron of water and caustic soda to dissolve any remaining flesh. That left the calcium surfaces with a yellow tint. To bring them up to medical white, bones were then left in sunlight for a week before being soaked in hydrochloric acid.

When police arrived to investigate last spring, they could smell the stench of rotting flesh from nearly a mile away.

They dont just steal dead bodies. They sometimes create them too.

The industry shuddered to a halt in March 1985, when a bone trader was arrested after exporting 1,500 child skeletons. Because they’re relatively rare and illustrate transitional stages in osteological development, child skeletons command higher prices. Indian newspapers claimed that children were being kidnapped and killed for their bones.

Children? Those little innocent(?) things?

People go to hell for doing bad things. These people dont even deserve that. I bet there’s some special cell up there to take care of these things. They’re not human for sure.

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3 Responses to “ Skeletons In India’s Closet? ”

  1. rambodoc on December 23, 2007 at 4:08 am

    I knew this since I entered med school. Skeletons are lucrative exports. The local market isn’t too bad, either. Considering that trading in ivory and croc skin or fur is banned, it is remarkable that human beings are not given the respect and rights entitled to them when their lives are snuffed out and their body parts scavenged for sale by criminals. These are the real core issues where the State has an honorable role to play in society.

  2. UL on February 29, 2008 at 12:09 pm

    This has shaken me up pretty badly…the question why and how people can be so monstrous….money? this is done for money? who are the buyers? What do they do with these ?

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