The Onion Has Spoken

December 21, 2010

The humble Onion finally gets its 15 minutes of fame, reaching the dizzying heights of Rs 80/kg. As always, Twitter is abuzz giving the veggy the credit it has finally earned.

For the ones who missed the action, here’s a compilation of some of the funnier comments.

Read and enjoy.

@sidin: Rajnikanth has onion uthappam for breakfast. Daily.

@aparanjape: Today’s Special: Jain Pav Bhaji, Aloo Pakoda and Plain Uttappam.

@brouhoho: Next year, @BarackObama will make the State of the #Onion Address!

@fakingnews: I am expecting an Arindam Chaudhuri blogpost and video speech explaining why rising  #onion prices don’t matter

@aurbolo: I am thinking of asking a raise from my boss to compensate for#onion prices.

@SoniaGaXdhi: Congress is like an Onion. The more you peel away the more you cry.

@jhunjhunwala: Nowadays I use my Shampoo as sauce.It contains Onion extracts and costs lesser than using real onions.

@jhunjhunwala: Now that Onion prices are sky high I wonder if the media shall term it as ONIONGATE

@amreekandesi: Is price rise going to be the UPA’s Kanda-har?

@roflindian: Sharad Pawar, Sonia and Manmohan Singh are today’s ‘Pyaaj 3’ people.

@madversity: This onion problem is kanda mysterious

@diogeneb: With Pak sending us onions, ‘Haiderabadi Do Pyaza’ just got a new meaning

@lord_ram: The onion price rise will result in a disaster. Now breath won’t stink so less mouth freshners will be bought.

@amreekandesi: Large crowds today around Onion sellers. Nobody buying; just people trying to take a sniff of the precious commodity.

@iamgauttam: kaho na pyaaz hai #onionmovies

@anilyst: Kaanda Lagaaa #onionsongs

@sunilea: I tell you its the aliens behind the onion price rise they have genetically enhanced the onions to take over the world ..

@amreekandesi: The Onion is seeing record viewership levels in India now that people cant eat them anymore.

@amreekandesi: Onion sellers across India are going to start accepting credit cards from tomorrow. Respite.

@amreekandesi: Delhi police is now going to offer a PCR van escort if you buy more than 5 kg Onions.

@vikaspgoel: I think #MasterChef guys should do an episode on “Onion Free” Recipes.

@srinath_soman: In other news, Bappi Lahri now wears Onion rings on fingers and an Onion chain around his neck

@rameshsrivats: Had onion pakoras with my whisky today. That’s me. Living in luxury.

@rameshsrivats: Incredibly expensive. Too many layers. Makes one cry. Yeah. Big problems with Air India.

@manuscrypts: wonder if the Onion will do a story on the cost of onions in India.

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