Get Ready to Pay for Missed Calls

December 31, 2011

2012 is set to start on a sore note for mobile subscribers across India. Airtail today announced a shocking decision to start charging users for missed calls. Starting tomorrow, all missed calls will be charged at a flat rate of Rs 5 paise per call. This applies across all pre-paid and post-paid plans.

The company claimed that missed calls were causing an ever increasing revenue loss to them. In many cases missed calls were being used exclusively as a communication medium, thus necessitating this decision.

The Airtail statement mentioned that missed call numbers have grown by 4,000% over the last two years. In this period, over 50 billion missed calls have been made on their network, thus utilising the Airtail infrastructure but contributing zero revenue for the service rendered.

Charged at the rate of 5 paise per call, the resultant revenue loss to Airtail has been cited at nearly $250 million, or Rs 1000 crore.

The Airtail spokesman made it quite clear – “We are running a profitable organisation here; not in it for social service”.

The company claimed that missed calls were being abused to circumvent the regular purpose of the mobile connection, which is to make calls and talk to people. The spokesman went on to provide more details.

Every morning 4 lakh people in Delhi alone get picked up by their office cabs to go to work. All of them get missed calls ahead of the pickup. Students miss-call their parents once they reach their school/college to confirm safe delivery. Some people have even created codes based on the number of times they let the phone ring before hanging up. 27% of all Airtail connections have only made and recieved missed calls in the last two months.

The decision has taken industry pundits by surprise. NASSCOM expressed dismay at the arbitrary decision by the company. The BJP released a statement saying this decision is going to hit the common man hard, in times when he is already reeling under the heavy load of inflation. Sources inform us that plans are already being drawn up for a bharat bandh later in the week.

We spoke to Urmi, a housewife from Delhi’s Patel Nagar.

My husband is an MBA. We have two school going children. Both my kids have mobiles which they use to miss-call me when their school bus drops them off in the evening, and i go to pick them up. Our maid miss-calls us on days when she is running late – with one ring for every fifteen minutes she is running late by. I miss-call my husband on evenings when the milkman fails to turn up and i want him to pick up milk on the way home. Charging for missed calls will destroy our monthly budget.”

Airtail stock fell by 15% during the day. Across the nation, people have expressed dismay at this new development. The CPI released a statement saying that it is time greedy corporations such as Airtail gets nationalized.

For now, the company plans to stick to its decision, and has not responded to the criticism leveled at it.

The statement signed off with – “We are doing the country a favor. Our people have forgotten to talk. This way they will talk to each other, which is a good thing”.

[Baking News brings to you figments of our fertile imagination. Believe anything said here at your own risk. That said, truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, so don’t be too surprised if this ends up flashing as a Breaking News on Times Now soon.]

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3 Responses to “ Get Ready to Pay for Missed Calls ”

  1. Lilly on January 5, 2012 at 6:45 pm

    I started off reading this article with all seriousness only to break out laughing towards the end when I read its baking news. Hilarious stuff.

    • amreekandesi on January 8, 2012 at 8:02 am

      thanks Lilly :)

  2. custom items on January 15, 2012 at 11:40 am

    ROFL… I did the same Lilly! As I was reading along I was thinking “how mean of that company” and was preparing to make my worst conclusion. Then I saw “Baking news” and had to read it again and then out loud! It was a good laugh! Well thought of Amreekandesi. You should be a short story writer and get published! :)

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