Do you like to write? Read on.

Over the past five odd years, this site has grown to a pretty awesome size. Over 300 posts, and (as of April 2013) closing in on a million page views. We’ve had visitors from some 178 countries since 2010, which is pretty much all of UN.

This site started as a voice for Indians living outside India, then moved to talking about Indians living in India when i moved back home. Obviously, after the move i can be about as much of that voice talking about Indians abroad as Katrina Kaif at an acting school.

Which is where you could help.

* Do you want to be that voice of overseas Indians?
* Are you planning to return to India?
* Have you already returned?
* Are you a woman in an inter-racial marriage with a dorky Indian engineer who drives a Toyota and lives in SFO?
* Does your heart pine for India from that million dollar mansion in Jersey?
* Do you feel personally insulted with every new scam perpetrated by our leaders?
* Do you dream of an Utopian nation where there are no leaders trying to drive wedges of regionalism or religion? One where ethics matter, and people respect each other? One where movie heroes don’t compete with the ladies in taking off their shirts?

If you answer yes to any of these, i’d love for you to write a guest post here.

Alrite alrite, all except the last one.

It’s quite easy. You type out your content, email it to, and we take it from there.

Please make sure you note the following guidelines:

1. I ideally like to keep posts between 500-1000 words. Not a big fan of long, rambling stories that could be told in half the number of words. Let’s leave the verbosity to our politicians’ speeches in the Lok Sabha.
2. Any work submitted here must be original, and not published anywhere else. No copying from elsewhere please – plagiarism ranks alongside corruption in the list of world’s biggest evils.
3. Bad grammar is like body odor. Big turnoff. I am old-fashioned like that. [Disclaimer: I own this site, so i am allowed the occasional slip-up]
4. All posts would be liable to be edited to suit my very high creative/grammatical style.
5. You would not have any rights over this website whatsoever, including over the few pennies i might make from any ads served here. That said, i will also not ask you to contribute to hosting costs, which for now far exceed the advertising revenue. Fair enough?

What do I get?

Quality content relevant to my readers. The blog keeps its momentum going, even during lean periods. Most importantly, i get the variety of thought that obviously a single person cannot have. Not unless he is Rajnikanth. Or KRK.

Especially interested in first hand accounts. Your move to the US. Your return to India. That first potluck in DC you attended. Your wedding to your American sweetheart. First trip to Walmart. The shock on discovering how much a cold coffee at Barista costs back home. Immigration stories. That sort of stuff would be invaluable for others about to step into your shoes. Help them learn from your experiences.

Opinion pieces on current affairs. Scams. Cricket. Manmohan Singh. Advani. Mig 21s. Anil Kapoor’s chest hair.

That, or you could do satirical posts about how our country (and its people) operates.

What do you get?

A forum for your write-ups on one of the well- read Indian blogs. A strong presence on social media, with over 20,000 people following me on Twitter and Facebook.  This site is listed on alltop. I was a contributor to the erstwhile Desipundit. I am a part of most lists of top Indian blogs.  You get to share your experiences and thoughts with an intelligent audience, building up a community where people can chip in with their observations and insights.

These are just initial thoughts from my side. Would like to see how this shapes up – who knows we might start regular features with interested people.

If you would like to discuss something you would like to contribute, or any other ideas, please shoot a note at

[PS: About Anil Kapoor, just kidding. Seriously, don't write about his hair. Never.]

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  9. Deepali on March 24, 2014 at 5:22 pm

    No recent suggestions Atulya ??

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      Recent suggestions?

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