Rediff [Interview]

Much like its illustrious predecessor, Amreekandesi follows the life of fresh-off-the-boat students dying to soak in as much of America as possible. It documents the ordeals, quirks and preoccupations of young students who migrate to the US to further their careers.

DailyMotion [Video]

Gul Panag - “The book has a great structure and a compelling story for a fine film”

Deccan Chronicle [Interview]

First time author, a seasoned blogger and the vice-president of an investment bank, Atulya Mahajan tries to discover that in his novel Amreekandesi: Masters of America and sends two young boys on their dream American sojourn.

Techgoss [Interview]

Atulya’s debut novel, a humorous take on the archetypal immigrant experiences of a dorky techie and his pal, is therefore rightly titled Amreekandesi: Masters of America.

JAM Magazine

“You can take an Indian out of India, but you cannot take India out of any Indian” is quite the evoking emotion to leave a smile on the face when you are finished with the book.

Asian Age

Amreekan desi is a tongue-in-cheek read for a populace that is young, about to go abroad and must be warned of how their “desi” genes will get in the way of fitting in.

The Hindu

First-time writer Atulya Mahajan, whose Amreekandesi — Masters of America is now out, comes from the other end of the social media spectrum. Even before he launched his book, Atulya had a huge following, across social media.

IBN Live

‘Masters of America’ is a handbook of easy laughs.

Senthil Kumar

There are some debuts which will make a difference! One such debut is this Amreekan Desi. Totally mesmerized  by the book especially the narrative was simple so close to your eyes. You would be walking, running and flying alongside the characters and not to mention making you laugh all the way even whenever they were thinking aloud.


Should replace “Inscrutable Americans” as the GRE takers go to book in a while.


The author’s writing style is easy-to-read and he has painted a very vivid and true picture of life in the US, especially for first-time Indian students.


All said and done, a fantastic book. I strongly recommend that people read this book. While you would enjoy reading it,  you would pick a fact or two about US and the studies there.


Its a well written book and anyone who has been to the US or plans to visit the US for studies will absolutely love the book and the characters.


I enjoyed the book, the mindset and approach to Indians looking to go abroad, and some of the characters, like Goyal and Akhil’s mom. Pick it up for a travel. You’ll like it.

Sridevi Nayak

While bringing out the archetypal experience of an immigrant, the author focuses on an important issue like cultural shock, how people change when they live in a foreign country forgetting the values which one inherits since birth, issues with identity and struggling to have a basic need for survival in a foreign place.


The flow of the narrative is impeccable! I didn’t realize the passage of time at all. It is an easy read and is full of positivity. You feel young and happy.

Abhyudaya Srivastava

If you let the characters grow on you, I think there are times when this simple book powerfully makes you misty eyed with the sheer strength in its characters

Vault of Books

Amreekandesi uncorks day to day happenings of life that we are now used to, but when pointed out will leave us astounded and with a wide grin on our faces.

Abhinand Jaguva

Amreekan Desi with the tagline Masters of America is a hilarious book which talks about the life of Indians in America. I say it is a must read book for those who dream about the Land of Hollywood.

Book Reviews Wala

The best aspect of the book is the author’s narrative style with a rich witty sense of humor.


The plot is perfectly etched starting from those Nirupa Roy scenes to the flight journey to the classrooms…

Metro Reader

A light book, makes an excellent timepass.


Atulya Mahajan (aka @amreekandesi) graduates with honors with “Amreekandesi”. Let us wait for his Masters degree now.


The book is an extremely fun read, with just the right amounts of drama, romance, humour and real-life observation that aims to strike a chord.


The Masters of America! Your Visa to Many Laughs!

Raka Majumdar

This book has been a wonderful read and I suggest you pick this book up for a light, entertaining and really fun read which will leave you in splits.


I have learnt to keep away from books from blogger-writers. Until Amreekandesi wrote a book.

All in all, AMA is very relate-able, warm and honest book. It is witty and tells a story simply with heart


Romance, family, values, education, ambitions, relationships, friendships the book has all essential life lessons. To summarize the book is truly a guide for completing successfully a Masters in living life in Amreeka! It is insightful. It is subtle.


If there ever was a bible that the nervous 20 year olds about to go abroad to study can read and get an idea of how life will be, Amreekandesi - Masters of America can be one such.

Meeta Sengupta

A fun read, perfect for the sunny holidays. Especially if you sneakily want to ‘inspire’ your teenagers to aspire to higher education abroad.

Devika Rajeev

If you’re into commercial literature in general, you’ll like this book. It’ll give you a few laughs and make you smile at the naivety of the two boys.

Gappistan Radio

I had a smile on my face for most part while reading the escapades of the two boys. It is a good, fun read and is an absolute steal at its price.

The Reading Corner

Read on. It makes an entertaining read.

Rashida K

The book is worth its price and then some. Infact, it would be a great story to turn into a high budget, NRI type, Karan Johar movie!

Rahul Raj for Bhak Sala

It is a fun-read with both flat and round, and relatable characters accompanied by a witty and hilarious narration.

Wear Your Opinion [Image]

Agar aap desi ho aur Amreeka jaana chahte ho ya fir Amreeka se wapas aaye ho toh zaroor padhna, connect kar paoge

Anaggh Desai

All in all an enjoyable book – for those who have been thru the travails and for those who plan to. Go Read!

Yatin Gupta

This book would be a perfect companion for you if you are travelling or want to read something light over the weekend over numerous cups of coffee.

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