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Mommy Mommy

December 5, 2008

Tweet The drama continues… Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Friday said it was the “obligation” of the world community to ensure that perpetrators of the “horrible” crime are brought to justice Singh said India will await the “outcome” of its message to the world before deciding on future course of action with regard to...
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VP Singh is Dead

November 30, 2008

Tweet In the midst of all the news surrounding the Mumbai blasts, one important event got sidelined. The death of  Vishwanath Pratap Singh, former prime minister of India. Adopted by the Maharaja of Manda at the age of five, VP Singh went on to become the Chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. As CM he...
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Terrorists’ Best Friends - News Channels

November 29, 2008
Terrorists’ Best Friends – News Channels

Tweet Till a few years back, here’s how terrorists operated. They picked a target, decided whether they want to bomb or shoot, implement the plan and kill a bunch of people, and soon the world would get to know about it. There would be news for a few days and then people would move...
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Kashmir (still) Burns

October 8, 2007

Tweet I read a touching post yesterday by a sister remembering her brother who died fighting terrorists in Kashmir. “J&K: 2 majors, 9 infiltrators killed How many times have you and I read headlines like these in the last so many years and not given it a second thought? It seems like there is...
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