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For a Nobel Cause

October 11, 2014

Tweet There have been many immortal gestures of love and peace in human history. Shahjahan building Tajmahal for his wife. Gandhi ji leading peaceful marches straight into the waiting lathis of evil British occupiers. Rocky going to Russia, beating their robot of a boxer, winning over the commies and helping end the Cold War....
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Open Letter to Bilawal Bhutto

September 21, 2014

Tweet Dear Bilawal ji, Pehle to wish you a very happy birthday. 26! Such a special age. Reminds me too of the time when i was young and stupid, though maybe not this much. As a special gift for your happy day, you are trending on social media and every Indian is talking about you....
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Hussain Haqqani on the Daily Show

May 14, 2009

Tweet Husain Haqqani, the Pakistani ambassador to the US was on Jon Stewart’s Daily show last night. Started off a bit cocky with an uncalled-for dig at the guests on the show. Or did he mean the audience? Not sure. “So how much of Pakistan does Pakistan control?” “Pakistan controls most of Pakistan. The...
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The Cab Ride

September 23, 2007

Tweet The phone rang…”Your cab’s here sir” “You’re 15 minutes early. Give me 5 minutes and I’ll be there.” Akhil was bristling with excitement. Three weeks. That was how long he was going to be gone. Home. After all of two years. Akhil was a young Indian living the American dream thousands of miles...
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