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Cross Connection - Inter Racial Weddings

May 19, 2012
Cross Connection – Inter Racial Weddings

Tweet If England and America are two nations divided by a common language, India is a collage of nations glued clumsily by a common desire to ridicule one another. For example, a Bengali will tell you solemnly that the word Marwadi is synonymous with unscrupulous buccaneers even though Bengal’s economy today rests majorly on their hard work. A...
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I Want To be A South Indian

March 31, 2012
I Want To be A South Indian

Tweet I returned home from work today feeling quite happy about Friday and the lack of traffic jams en-route. I then logged on to Twitter like all normal people do these days as soon as they reach home. People were discussing this article by some Aakar Patel. The guy was on top of Twitter trends...
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